Theater Of The Oppressed produce Legislative Theater in Brooklyn

Rubin Foundation grantees Theatre of the Oppressed NYC held their program Legislative Theatre in Brooklyn from May 7th to May 13th. They had a sold out theater, and a fantastic performance by the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center troupe. They generated policy proposals addressing community violence and the school-to-prison pipeline. As the #CLOSErikers crew noted "creative, concrete, community-driven solutions are the only way to transform justice in NYC" – we at the Foundation agree, and that's why Legislative Theatre is so important.

They proposed to: Move school security from NYPD control to the DOE's control; divest from school safety officers while investing in counselors. Transition funds from criminalization and enforcement in schools (scanners, policing) to programs for restorative justice in ALL schools. Pair community organizations with student organizations/councils to implement restorative justice practices.

Secure increased funds for permanent support staff, professional development and peer education around trauma and violence de-escalation in schools.

Crown Heights Community Mediation Center troupe performed a powerful and engaging play, assisted by the amazing legislators, policy advisors, and advocacy partners who brought their expertise to the conversation.

This year, we have the opportunity to study the impact of Legislative Theatre. Part of that is getting an idea of who is in the room with us. If you joined us on Wednesday and weren't able to fill out the survey, take a few minutes and tell us about yourselfVote online if you didn't get to vote in person:

Join the conversation: #WatchActVote