Franklin Furnace's mission is to present, preserve, interpret, proselytize and advocate on behalf of avant-garde art, especially forms that may be vulnerable due to institutional neglect, their ephemeral nature, or politically unpopular content. Franklin Furnace is dedicated to serving artists by providing both physical and virtual venues for the presentation of time-based visual art, including but not limited to artists' books and periodicals, installation art, performance art, and unforeseen contemporary avant-garde artforms; and to undertake other activities related to these purposes. Franklin Furnace is committed to serving emerging artists; to assuming an aggressive pedagogical stance with regard to the value of avant-garde art to life; and to fostering artists' zeal to broadcast ideas. WATERWASH Welcomes was one of seven projects in inClimate: Climate Change Solutions, Awareness and Action, a citywide exhibition presented in 2014-15 under the auspices of Foundation it confronted global warming through art, by calling upon artists to collaborate with climate change specialists to find solutions and antidotes for mitigating or adapting to our world’s most catastrophic problem. Ecological artist Lillian Ball collaborated with Rocking the Boat, a Bronx-based nonprofit organization that teaches youths how to build wooden boats and conduct environmental work on the river. Ball was able to bring participants to her WATERWASH ABC, along the Bronx River in the South Bronx, the site of a permanent public wetland and grassland park which she completed in the fall of 2011 with a team of engineers, scientists, and excavators. With the help of Director Adam Green and his crew from Rocking the Boat thousands of indigenous plants were used to transform a landfill site covered in invasive species.


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