In 2014, Foundation for Contemporary Arts (FCA) distributed an unprecedented $920,000 in grants, held its 14th benefit exhibition, undertook a strategic planning process, and began a major website upgrade.  A general operating grant from the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation supported each of these activities, offering flexible funding in a year of institutional growth and transition.  FCA increased its 2014 Grants to Artists awards from $25,000 to $30,000; increased funding for Emergency Grants by 32 percent; and continued FCA’s founding “artists for artists” fundraising model by holding a benefit exhibition to support its grant-making activities.  In addition, FCA took a step back to plan for the Foundation’s future and began a significant upgrade of its website to better serve FCA grantees. The Foundation’s unrestricted support was vital in supporting FCA’s high level of institutional and programmatic activity in 2014. FCA continues to support its grant programs through the sale of artists' works and through direct financial contributions. In fact, the concept of a benefit exhibition originated with founders Jasper Johns, John Cage, and others who founded the organization in 1963. 

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