All photographs are © Craig Hayes/Community-Word Project.

All photographs are © Craig Hayes/Community-Word Project.

Community-Word Project (CWP) thanks the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation for its generous grant supporting their programs in New York City public schools and disadvantaged communities. In 2014-15, the following programs were made possible with funding from the Foundation.

Collaborative Arts Residencies: CWP achieved a 20% increase in service in 2014-15—their Collaborative Arts Residencies reached 2,049 students in 77 classrooms at 22 City schools and community sites. Students that participated in residencies created a substantial amount of original creative work, including 20 poetry anthologies, 15 murals, 26 performances, as well as an art exhibit, musical album, and a short film. CWP residencies integrate creative writing and other art forms with core curriculum in order to challenge students to draw upon and enhance their skills in creativity, problem-solving, perseverance and collaboration.

2014-15 Teaching Artists Training and Internship Program (TATIP): In its 15th year, this CWP program trained 54 artists of varying disciplines to acquire valuable teaching skills that will empower them to play active roles in communities in dire need of positive creative energy.

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