Referendum: Performance by Tania Bruguera


Sunday, March 6Union Square Park (Northside) from 10:00am to 8:00pmReferendum: Performance by Tania Bruguera


Referendum, 2015, (detail from Nuit Blanche, Toronto)

Artist Tania Bruguera will revisit her project Referendum, which was first staged in fall 2015 as part of Nuit Blanche in Toronto. The interactive performance functions as a public vote on questions surrounding immigration and borders, generally raising public awareness about the effects of borders on humankind in a time of unprecedented migration. Referendum is a companion piece to The Francis Effect (2014), a work currently on view in When Artists Speak Truth… that aims to change the perception of immigration and citizenship rights worldwide. Bruguera and her collaborators collected signatures on postcards that featured an image of the seven continents united, accompanied by the slogan “Dignity has no nationality,” which endorse Pope Francis’ supportive stance toward immigrants.

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