Year 2010
Name Vermont Studio Center
Amount $ 21,100
Address PO Box 613
Johnson, VT 05656

The VSC is a community of 50 international artists in residency for two months. They are provided with private studios, housing, and meals, the fellowship of peers, gallery space, and interaction with local college and primary students. This grant will continue our support for the Rubin Foundation Fellowships. These Fellowships provide funding for an 8-week residency, materials, travel, health insurance, and a trip to New York galleries and museums for one artist. The Foundation would be involved in the selection of VSC fellows, and in the case of artists coming from overseas, would enable potential collaboration at the Rubin Museum of Art.

In the past, VSC has limited our funding to the support of Himalayan artists. For 2010, they propose the expansion of our Fellowship to include artists from Cuba as well; we plan to select one Himalayan artist and one Cuban artist.

Studio Center residencies are open-ended and flexible, allowing residents to shape their time in Johnson in a way that suits their needs, with the focus always on encouraging the development of each artist’s distinct and personal creative routine. To further support the creative work of the 2010 Rubin Foundation Fellows, VSC will also provide the winners with the opportunity to share work in open studio tours and slide shows, and to collaborate in any way that is productive to their process and creative development. The Studio Center’s roster of distinguished visiting artists will be available for individual studio visits and conferences, enabling the Rubin Foundation Fellows forge professional connections that will help them succeed in their careers when they return home.

The Foundation has funded these Fellowships since 2007, most recently in 2009 with $11,550.


Rubin Fellows 2010


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