The Foundation supports organizations and projects with well-designed strategies and creative leaders. Most of our giving goes to a few organizations to which we have made long term commitments. Beyond those, modest resources and large ambitions most often lead us to small grants we hope will have unusually large effects.

The categories into which our grants are divided reflect the range and diversity of the board's interests. Many grants serve several purposes: we are pleased that many grants might appropriately be listed under more than one heading.

About half of the Foundation's annual resources have in recent years gone to Himalayan concerns, especially grants to groups working on Tibetan culture and the arts of the Himalayan area, but also to health and sanitation and to documentary projects in the region.

Grants outside the principal categories of Arts and Culture, Health and Human Services, and Civil Liberty and Social Justice are made only rarely, when some remarkable opportunity to offer help is combined with exceptionally able and trusted leadership.

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