May 23: Locus: Art as a Disabled Space, Art and Disability Residency Exhibition, Panel, and Reception

Featuring Ezra Benus, Jordana Bernstein,
Kevin Quiles Bonilla, Shannon Finnegan,
Jeff Kasper, and Madison Zalopany

 5:30-7pm – Panel Discussion with Kevin Quiles Bonilla, Shannon Finnegan, and Madison Zalopany, moderated by Jerron Herman

7-9pm – Artists’ Reception

Kevin Quiles Bonilla, Ungrounded, 2018

The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation and The 8th Floor will partner with 2016 Foundation grantee Art Beyond Sight to present Locus: Art as a Disabled Space. This two-day exhibition features works by Ezra Benus, Jordana Bernstein,Kevin Quiles Bonilla, Shannon Finnegan, Jeff Kasper, and Madison Zalopany, all participating in Art Beyond Sight’s Art & Disability Residency. The exhibition will be on view May 22, 11:00am-6:00pm and Wednesday, May 23, 11am-9pm, concluding with a panel discussion and artist reception.

Locus: Art as a Disabled Space

Disabled artists posit themselves in a locus where both art and disability reach new meanings through a configuration and fluidity of imagined and real space. This is achieved through embodied art practices that are informed by disability in conceptual and formal aspects. This exhibition showcases work by artists participating in Art Beyond Sight’s inaugural Art & Disability Residency, which puts disability arts as a central focus. It critiques who “belongs” and what is seen in art spaces.

Panel Discussion

In conjunction with the exhibition, panelists Kevin Quiles Bonilla, Shannon Finnegan, and Madison Zalopany moderated by Jerron Herman, will discuss how disabled artists think about space in relation to their work and practice, where their work is shown, and how this informs disability aesthetics. As disabled artists face barriers within the hierarchical sphere of contemporary art, their work is often relegated to “therapy”, or more frequently, tokenized as a form of inclusion. The panel will also reflect on these and other barriers disabled artists experience as they navigate social, physical, discursive, and/or conceptual space.


The event venue is wheelchair accessible via passenger elevator. We ask that attendees refrain from wearing fragrance. Lighting in the room is a combination of LED lighting, fluorescent light, and natural daylight. Please email us Art Beyond Sight at by May 18th (and look for a confirmation email from them) so that they can provide CART captioning or other accessibility accommodations. If you have any other questions regarding the event, please email

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