ACT UP and Dyke Action Machine! Conversation, Thursday, Feb 11, 6 – 8pm

Avram Finkelstein of ACT UP and Carrie Moyer and Sue Schaffner of Dyke Action Machine! in Conversation with Sara Reisman

Dyke Action Machine!, Lesbian Americans: Don’t Sell Out, 1998

Using the language of propaganda, political campaigning, and advertising, ACT UP‘s Avram Finkelstein and Dyke Action Machine!‘s Carrie Moyer and Sue Schaffner have had a pronounced visual impact on New York City-based artistic activism over the last three decades. Tackling different issues affecting the LGBT community, both groups operated a practice of direct action during a period of massive transition in the wake of AIDS and the gay rights movements. Avram Finkelstein designed the iconic Silence = Death poster, which promoted political action on the part of the gay community while DAM!’s public art project was conceived as a series of posters expressing the lesbian community’s ambivalence towards the gay rights movement’s push for same-sex marriage and parenthood, among other hetero-normative lifestyle aspirations.